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  • Thank you :D
    Bus meri Canadian Citizenship bhi next fall ajaeygi, mein bhi waheen settle hone ka sochra hoon. Good on you (y) Baigum sahiba ka waqt kub ara hai
    Nai yaar, visa agia tou shopping waghaira chalri hai. Time miley tou dekhoon. Black Mesa download hwee hai wuh bhi nai kheli
    lol Radical, it was pretty much a general remark. I'm sure he didn't want to offend you specifically by saying that.
    lol @ letter of invitations. Alright, but the thing is that he sees your replies as unprovoked insults. Before things get worse between you two, it'd be best if you ignore his posts for a while. I've said the same to him, and he won't be quoting you or passing a reference to any of your posts.
    lol he does kind of have a point. The thread has gone completely haywire. I suppose we should just let them be, so that they can discuss their game. I'm considering making a separate review thread the next time something crazy of this magnitude happens, so that the OT doesn't crumble into a mess.

    Speaking of which, what's up between you and DLM? Some issue from another thread I don't know about? He seems ticked off about it. Both of you should just bury the hatchet and move on. Best thing to do would be to ignorer each other's post for a while. No use building real life grudges over games, eh? What say?
    Will do. Who's the villain though? I couldn't recognise him from the trailer.
    Hopefully by tonight or tomorrow morning. The DF people have been kind of lazy as of late, but since this was a major release, they ought to have it up sooner rather than later.

    They used to hint at their upcoming analyses on their twitter page, but nowadays, they just post stuff without any prior indication.
    lol nope, but the tearing isn't as bad as it was made to seem. Plus, it usually kicks in during high-speed instances, so you'd be hard-pressed to notice.
    Nopes, haven't bought PSN codes from anyone other than amaga, although I have been told by people that they have bought $50 codes from him for 4K, and from Devilwing for as low as 3.5K.

    But like amaga pointed out, it is a bit risky. If either of those two people use hacked credit cards to acquire these codes, it could lead to a perma-banned PSN account.
    Heh have been caught up with some work, so didn't get to post much over the last few days. I did go through that RE6 thread, though. Pretty entertaining stuff lol.Can't wait for the inevitable DF face-off for the fire to be reignited :p
    I'm getting 2.2kbps on this torrent. -_- Will scavenge around for a healthier one. Did you watch RE: Damnation?
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    XPremiuM XPremiuM: So... GTA 6 official trailer finally drops on Tuesday @ 7 PM... Too much hype regarding this game.
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