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  • Arsal I wanted to talk to you regarding booking for Sunday Meet up. Yaar how about we book each console and pay you per hour for 8 Xbox 360,PS3 and 10 PCs for 3 hours or 5 so? If you remember we used to arrange our Phada meet up at EV same way. In this way there is no loss for anyone :) Kiya kehte ho. As you know per head system is little bit of odd and everyone was complaining that paying per head doesn't suite well.
    I've posted the Rate at Meet up thread also.

    Here the calculation goes like this:
    8 Xbox * 120/hour= Rs 960 and for 3 Hours gaming = Rs 2880
    1 PS3 * 150/hour = Rs 150 and for 3 Hours gaming = Rs 450
    10 PC * 60/hours = Rs 600 and for 3 Hours = Rs 1800

    Total Amount = 5130So what you say about it?
    I wanted to ask you about the rates of ProjectX9? What are the per hour rates of Xbox 360, PS3 and PC? Any discounts?
    Thank you.
    idk they program yet to come back but if sherry buy fifa then let me know we will play online dude
    yaar mushkil hoga...my brother is on vacation and i have to cover up for him at my dads factory :p
    lolz..Phir tu bohot time parha hai...Will visit you this week was busy today.....
    I think I told you will come on Sunday :)...BTW whats the last date of registration....
    and im assuming ur phone is factory unlocked.
    If its software unlocked then lemme know and do not follow that guide.
    hi sir, thx for ur anticipation. Can i have ur fone no. plz. kindly, mail or send me ur no. My cell no is 03214257756. thx alot regards,
    NO no. People having LT+ via softmod is facing this problem. I'm afraid but you have to re-modify it with Full LT+
    Oye goldie told me that your 3 360s still aren't running BO...Acha you told me that you re-patched the disk. Which version of ABGX you used to patch it. and did it verified all the security measures?? Also did xboyhot softmodded those consoles??
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    XPremiuM XPremiuM: So... GTA 6 official trailer finally drops on Tuesday @ 7 PM... Too much hype regarding this game.
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