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  • I have no PSN plus and no credit reason being my wifi internet connection PTCL 2mb. I think it will take too long to download the time but thank you for suggestion.
    Set the G/R tint values back to default. That should fix it. The color temperature can vary for different panel types, even for the same TV model. The settings I gave you are for the 40"inch version, which is possibly using a different panel.
    Yup, that's normal for the 3000 series. The fan used inside earlier slims has been replaced with a smaller one due to more efficient components that produce less heat. However, when things do heat up, the fan speeds up. That's when you can hear it.

    You haven't placed it in a closed cabinet, though, right? Since it needs its breathing space at the rear vents.
    Hey! Yup, sure.

    Picture settings:

    Mode: Movie
    Backlight: 6 (alter this depending on the level of ambiance in your room)
    Contrast: 92
    Brightness: 43
    Sharpness: 14 (turn it down to 0 when playing games)
    Color: 44
    Tint (G/R): G39/R61

    White Balance:

    R-Offset: 30
    G-Offset: 25
    B-Offset: 20

    R-Gain: 22
    G-Gain: 25
    B-Gain: 17
    okay... chalo lets see mood to full ha lenay ka yar salay GPUs p paisay kharch ker ker k thak gya hun...

    waisay b the only reason im getting an xbox is of all those arcade fighting games im missing out on PC other thn that nada...
    yarrr... aik set deal mil rahi thi Toshiba Satellite laptop+HP Notebook purchased that in 26grand (a.k.a xbox budget!)

    BTW aap baray log hogaye ho wat with all the HD gaming setup n all... mind selling me that buxa of yours?? I promise m loan amortize kerdonga :D
    If you have a region 1 copy of Dark Souls then only DLC downloaded from a region 1 PSN ID will work on it. If you download the DLC from a region 2 account then it won't work on your region 1 copy. We can play together in Dark Souls irrespective of our copy's region or our PSN ID's region so don't worry.

    Yeah, I'm going for a DEX + INT build myself. DEX builds are very fun, I had another DEX build that was very fun to use both in PvE and PvP.
    I have a region 1 PSN ID and a region 2 PSN ID.

    I'll buy the DLC with my region 2 PSN ID cuz my copy of Dark Souls is region 2 as well. But I'll be playing it on my region 1 ID.
    Both of those are 2011 models, I think, since they belong to the D series. I would highly recommend getting a 2012 model, specifically the ES series.
    5. I think the 32" version of the ES5500 should fall within your budget. It fulfills your requirements, and is among the most responsive TVs out there, in terms of input delay. Picture quality is also great with HD video content.
    4. Unfortunately, just about every LCD/LED 3DTV out there lags more than what you would require. The Sony EX720 is one rare 3DTV that lags at 16ms, but that was last year's model and it isn't available anymore as far as I know. Plus, the quality of 3D on this TV is less than stellar. As in, there's plenty of visible crosstalk, which isn't an issue on the 2012 models.That PS 3DTV is pretty decent for 3D content, but for gaming it isn't recommended due to a high amount of input lag (over 40ms). Plus, for optimum viewing of 3D content, I would suggest that you at least go for a 40" TV. The larger the TV, the more visible and immersive the stereoscropic 3D effect.

    On the other hand, there are Plasma 3DTVs that lag as low as 16ms, such as the Panasonic ST50 or the Samsung E6500. However, neither of them are available in the 32" range, and hence would exceed your current budget. Still, it's something to keep in mind whenever you do decide to get a 3DTV.
    2. The response time stated in the TV specs is actually the amount of time it takes for white to turn to black and vice versa. It affects ghosting, so a higher response time will make things look blurrier than a low response time would. Most LCD/LEDTVs have a response time of 5-8ms, which is perfectly suitable for gaming/movies/TV. The real issue, as a gamer, is input lag. It is that the TV takes to respond to the signal coming from an input device. Unfortunately, this measurement is never advertised or included in the specs, because TV manufacturers don't really care if their TV lags, because a majority of consumers are only concerned with TV or movies.

    3. Based on your requirements, you'd be looking for a TV with really low input lag. Out of the TVs currently available, the Samsung ES5500 is your best bet. It is among the only few TVs around that have a very low input delay of 16ms, which is less than a single frame. Most TVs lag at around 2 frames i.e. 33ms.
    Hello Imran, sure no prob at all.

    1. LEDTVs are actually the same as LCDTVs, with the only difference being that they are back-lit or edge-lit via LED diodes instead of florescent lamps used to backlight LCDs. People generally complain about edge-lit LEDTVs because the intensity of light is stronger at each of the 4 edges of the screen. However, if you don't watch movies in pitch darkness, this isn't really an issue.
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