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    Want To Buy PS NOW/PS PLUS Premium Membership (12 months)

    Dear All Playstation is offering PS NOW membership for $60 which will convert to PS PLUS PREMIUM in June. Anyone here who can buy and give me the PS NOW via the link given above...
  2. haroonshaikh

    Logitech G29 (PS4, PS5, PC Compatible)

    You should make Youtube videos with this playing Snowrunner.
  3. haroonshaikh

    Selling PS5 Consoles - Brand New Selaed

    disc edition or digital edition? please mention
  4. haroonshaikh

    Where to buy Legit gold and Silver bars in khi ?

    Yes, I have my cousin who can get you gold, according to authentic market price
  5. haroonshaikh

    Want To Sell Ryzen 5 3600 - Used for a few months.

    Check your PM, I have sent you. And guys, please keep the discussion in private messages or conversations. Not on the thread
  6. haroonshaikh

    I desperately need weed for health issues

    Sorry to say but, after diagnosis of GB cancer, You have like a maximum of 1 year life expectancy
  7. haroonshaikh

    Thoughts on Vaccine Conspiracy Theories regarding Covid 19 including Bill Gates and Fauci?

    With improvements in healthcare and prevailing world peace, the only way people would die now was through a Virus. Its just a system of nature. Whenever the number of people will exceed the resources of the planet, a new balance would come into play. There will be survival of the fittest. The...
  8. haroonshaikh

    Trusted places to buy Gold/Silver in Karachi?

    Haha,, My father have retired from a routine office job. But all my Uncles and cousins have been working as a small scale gold smith. Its nothing big but they will get you whatever you need at good prices. Ill give you number of my cousin whenever you need it.
  9. haroonshaikh

    Trusted places to buy Gold/Silver in Karachi?

    my entire family is goldsmith If you want, i can give u contact information
  10. haroonshaikh

    Is relaible?

    yes very much. I ordered a card from them during the mining era and they got it shipped to me on exact cost price. 100% recommended. They also give official receipt and warranty. Their office is in SNOW WHITE complex - shahre faisal karachi
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    Suggestions required for building a new PC

    you should buy a used PC from Naz Plaza once the lock down ends. You would be able to get 2nd Gen i5 with some GPU as well
  12. haroonshaikh

    Where to sell computer hardware in local market

    Galaxy and other brands will not compromise their repute over selling used products. You are better off selling them locally in markets but they will give you very bad offers in order to keep their share high. SO eventually your best bet is to directly sell to consumers. How to approach...
  13. haroonshaikh

    Dead Hardrive Data restoration

    Very Strange problem. Well i see the Hard disk has died to its a lucky thing you get to copy some stuff from it. You can try two things 1. Install a software that helps copying from bad or damaged drives. like "bad copy pro" 2. Try your HDD in a non windows setup. For example run a ubuntu off a...
  14. haroonshaikh

    SOLD Zaph Audio Speakers

    please mention demand. its mandatory
  15. haroonshaikh

    Need a Finasteride/Propecia prescription

    beard will come naturally, in some slow, in some fast. but it will.
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