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  • Alright lets go with part wise guide. The assembly thing will also be useful, We can do it section wise. Like basic part assemble to advance or no?
    Assalam Ulikum and Ramadan Mubarak mate. Well I was filtering some threads from PC Helpdesk section and we are facing lots of PC buying guide thread. Well we have to plan a solid PC buying guide covering low to high end PC to avoid this problem. I was planning to start one but with such vast PC market it becomes quite difficult to construct one. Also I am confused should we create a thread guiding individual PC parts or a complete system. Lets do something about it as a PC buying thread is much needed.
    Warm welcome to the SV program, sire. Please do some surgical stuff to our Hardware Zone. Do it with passion pls. kthnxbye
    Hey. Would be nice to get some input from a member of your stature in the SV section. Looking at regular discussions and participation from you there. Advice and assistance from you is welcome, and, frankly, much needed ;)
    I am hoping so.

    I need your opinion on sticky Threads. The density is high, some are outdated while others may be clutter. Also Majawar had some ideas on it, few days back. what you gonna propose on it?
    congratz on Yellow.....Nice to see OLD member like you join the pool again.

    Hoping for contribution.
    Doc, just wondering, did you get my PM from around 5:45pm yesterday?
    My internet has been Abuses will lead to baning up lately so I don't know if you got it or not.

    Actually trying to follow up extra quick because I want to get that thread underway asap especially because i might be AWOL for a week or so.
    Don't dry dust. Wash the car when you can (after a week or two) and after washing you can wax it again.
    Discussions can be had without going on personal level you know :) Keep it down with the aggression towards LeGenD123. Just because he is a moderator, does't make him a biased decision maker. Your deleted post was indeed unnecessary, or lets say rather incomplete.

    Anyway, I am sure you can do better than that :) Looking forward for more mature and sensible response from you.
    Lol... In the real market , even in pakistan, PNEC has no value, international to bahut dooor ki baat hai.
    One last thing
    Which university is better for mechanical NED OR NUST(PNEC) I personally think pnec will be better cuz nust is ranked internationally
    Mechanical at top followed by electrical.
    Software is limited to those who are amazingly good at their work..
    CIvil at the last.
    Hmm after a decent experience into job market which field of engineering will u suggest me?
    I have four options
    1 electrical
    2 software
    3 mechanical
    4 civil
    I want some info regarding mechanical engineering
    1. What is scope(I mean did u get job easily and before even graduating. I know some engineers from ned who got job before graduation)
    2. What is starting salary range?
    3. What are career progression opportunities( can u reach 100k in 3-4 years?
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