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  • Hey bro my psn id is Jamezb0ndpk not Jamezbondpk its a zero instead of O and there is no space between DaddyDevil correct it in the GTA online thread ok.Sorry for inconvenience.
    and u should tone down ur immature fanboyism...every other post or thread is cheap shot at anyone who is not a mindless fanyboy like u. that 2 week ban was meant to teach u to respect others opinion and POV. i should have used the international policy of zero tolerance but my Pakistani mentality forced me to give u a chance. clearly that was a mistake. ur on probation now, one stupid comment and i m will sure make my Pakistani mentality doesn't get the best of me!
    Can it be done without using PayPal ? If PayPal has to be used, then you must deposit the amount by tomorrow night ..
    That would be 2368 rupees ... Note that I can only pay a retailer which uses PayPal, on your behalf ... I cannot send or receive money via PayPal ..
    The game may be good...but the PS3 version suffers from technical issues. These sort of action games require fluid animation and solid frame rates...the PS3 version barely keeps up.
    Ever think your perception of what I wrote was off? Dude at this point in time I've realised you just have way too much of an ego. Don't contact me again unless you wanna do business
    dude the price is what it is FnF and all... if you wanna pay inter city charges be my guest.
    Also calling me a 'little boy' doesn't make you a big boy... just shows you have issues
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