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  • ur inbox is full

    btw ur item i can provide u but plz call me its details 03344338474
    The new management post-ex0dus doesn't seem very capable. Went for dinner a couple of weeks before Ramzan, and felt the same disappointment. They served us stale puri-parathas.
    Wasn't just the dinner. Even the iftar items never met the supply, because refills never came. The place was jam packed. We were on the 1st floor and there was just one counter where the food was placed.
    In dinner, most BBQ items ran out. Only cold food remained, and nobody was willing to eat cold BBQ of course. My father actually went outside to see if they were preparing anything and to his amazement, all the "angeethis" were empty. This was between 7:45-8:00pm.

    The place was crowded to the roof and there was only 1 counter for food so you can imagine that getting something to eat was totally disastrous.
    A foot and a half away should be fine.

    Yup, Steam big picture mode is very convenient. I wish MS would offer controller support for the Windows 8 start screen. Would make navigating the PC via controller so much easier. heh
    Yeah, that's a TN panel as well. 7ms input lag at its native resolution (1080p) + 5ms visual response time like you mentioned.

    Input lag only becomes a problem for competitive play when it's higher than 17ms (or one frame). It's only 7ms on this monitor, which is excellent.

    The only issue, and this goes for just about every TN panel out there, is that it suffers from poor viewing angles. However, if you're going to view it from close range, this won't be a problem.
    I'd recommend either of an Asus VE248Q (24") or an Asus VH236H (23"). Both of them offer good picture quality at native resolution (1080p) and low input delay + response time for competitive gaming.

    I'm not sure if the first one is available locally, but the second one definitely is (or at least used to be).
    steam id: kaiyondaime

    thanks mate... what's the WoW scene btw? i got the GPU finally, and looking to get back... anyone alive?
    I had heard of copy-pasting articles but this is just tearing the box apart.
    You are. It's just that we can never understand the art and wisdom behind copy/pasting posts from other forums.
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