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  • Email sent. Can't send you messages over PM. Receiving the following error:-
    'GrunT has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.'
    Is it possible to have a BW widget (1v1) with just the weather icon? I tried everything but couldn't get it. The smallest is weather icon + temp.

    I even tried overlapping widgets to cover up the high-low-current temp text but it didn't look good.
    About 6.5-7k would be a quite FAIR amount, because a GTX260's worth these days is no more than 8k, while people are selling it for crazy 13k prices.

    In your budget, there isn't anything good available in the market. However, if you have a relative living abroad, in USA etc ... you can get a brilliant deal for GTX560Ti's etc ... which sell around 14-15k there. If you really want to spend that much, then atleast aim for a 7950. Ofcourse you'll have to increase your budget for that, upto 35k, but its worth every penny. (Well, thats exactly what we mean when we say "Upgrade" 'eh?)

    Other than that, in exactly 20-25k, there is NOTHING to spend on. Basically you'll be wasting your precious money on a 560Ti in pakistan, and frankly, its wroth is not more than 15k these days.
    I found the dates, the email from Lyceum was buried In my junk folder.. :/.

    Orientation is on the first September, for science students it is 10am-12:45pm, come in your uniform, if you don't have it then wear a white shirt and grey trousers.

    School is opening from the third.

    class timings and schedules will be posted on the orientation.
    The 3rd, people are saying.

    What about the orientation, isn't that like the formality..?
    Which subject combination do you have?

    mine is general paper, biology, physics and chemistry
    Hey you wanna join our Squad for the match in the XG server? The match is on Eid day
    Squad Members include: Me, Psyxjen, AbbY and you if you join us
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