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  1. Multipaki

    Dell 7567 4K UHD v.s Alienware 17 R3 17.3

    Like seriously no one :(?
  2. Multipaki

    Do you wear a watch?

    Watches are basically on of the few accessories men can wear, they basically show a persons status thats all. - - - Updated - - - and those who complain about the prices of high end watches like Rolex (original Rolex start from 2Lakh) dont know the difference. Its like saying that both a...
  3. Multipaki

    [OT] Official Anime Recommendation/Watching Currently Thread!

    I did watch Stiens Gate and i think i'll go for clannad next. But CODE GEASS, was next level.
  4. Multipaki

    [OT] Official Anime Recommendation/Watching Currently Thread!

    Arggg most of you suggested FMA, which i finished already, i started attack of the titants which was decent.i guess code geass was on of a kind. To give a more in depth explanation, i like anime which has, some type or romance, character development and 2-3 Strong personalities, who work with...
  5. Multipaki

    Applying To Universities in Pakistan

    Guys can you please tell me if 7 A's Olevels (5A* 2A) and 4A's in Alevels would do it for lums. I mean are these decent grades and if score good at LCAT is there a 100% admission chance.
  6. Multipaki

    [OT] Official Anime Recommendation/Watching Currently Thread!

    guyss i need an anime like code geass, dont say death note, monster.
  7. Multipaki

    My RIG.....[ TH3xTr3MiST ]

    the specs dont look so hard core but :p the front sticker is sick.. you could have used a better higher end casing though, i take it you painted the fans and holes? which type of paint did you use. GREAT WORK, keep it up.
  8. Multipaki

    Element Productions |AE|PS| *Tutorials*

    ElementProductions on deviantART ^^ and my picture is pretty old xD
  9. Multipaki

    PC League of Legends

    Hmm i was at 1.6k elo, i dint play start of season 3, when i came i was in silver league i dont know what that was. Alot of changes been made, annoying, my favourite support item heart of gold removed. The amount of noobs and trollers have increased, i do support and jungle. Mid and Top only if...
  10. Multipaki

    The Official ‘O Levels’ Thread

    Any place for complete math and physics chemistry notes? by complete i mean complete a-z her cheez :S
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