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  • Not satisified with the health? Only have crc interface error and that's i think because i am using usb enclosure.
    Have not recoved any sms. Apologies. Mention your number here i will text you myself.
    And yes. We can do it brother :).
    Hmm well i think ABBY is the one who overlooks the Mp section. you may talk to him regarding this, i haven't removed anything.
    i have red your tutorial for JTAG xbox on how to play games via external HDD and the other things.. . i recently JTAGGED my xbox just a simple question.. will this work if i did it on Mac?
    you convert the disc into an iso using any software (I use IMGBurn) and then use the method i posted below, i don't think ps3 can play our pirated ass ps2 discs :p .. or even if u have the original .. it wouldn't, since the ps2 classics emulator with the higher compatibility is for jailbroken only.
    there is a ful screen option

    when you start the game, press the PS Home button, its in the same menu that has the smoothing option, it should be "NONE" STANDARD" or "FULLSCREEN"

    full screen stretches the game unelss the game natively supports widescreen, few games on PS2 do.
    this is what I use:

    [Release] PS2 Classics Manager v1.02 (April 11, 2013)(CFW 4.XX)(UPDATE)

    install this on your PS3, stick PS2 Iso's into your USB under this folder: X:/PS2iso/game.iso

    then start ps2 classics manager, and scroll through the menu selection and you SHOULD find your PS2 iso there, the software will encrypt it automatically.

    one thing you need to make sure of is to make sure you've created and assigned 2 memory cards from the "PS2 Save Utility" option in the game column of your XMB.

    i've been running ps2 games via ps2 classics manager for a while now, and every game i've tried so far works great.
    No. You can't update using OFW file. You can only update using custom firmware file. What this means is that once a 4.60 custom firmware is out, you can download its file and update to the latest version of custom firmware (4.60). Never ever update using the OFW file otherwise your jailbreak will be removed and you will have a normal PS3.

    Red Dead Redemption has long load times even on internal, I think. The load times are only in the beginning though, just like Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us.
    Update works just like a regular official firmware update. There is no complicated process here unlike JTAG. Simply copy to USB and update using the XMB.
    If you need an IPT account, I can provide you with one for free. Send me your email address in private message :)
    Make sure to check the correct option in Multiman. Some games will require BD-Menu option to be turned on, some won't. Also for 100% compatbility, it is highly recommended to keep a blu-ray disc in drive, since not every game can work discless. I always keep a disc in drive for my PS3 since I don't want any trouble.

    Copying from BD works fine for me. Never had any issues. I have copied The Last of Us and Resident Evil 6 and they worked fine after copy.
    you cant launch games from multiman, when you select the game and 'run' it, back in the XMB go to the blu ray game disc icon, you'll see its changed to the game you just activated.
    I copy ps3 games from BD to internal hdd because I haven't downloaded any ps3 games yet, currently downloading small size games of ps3 and will checkout soon.
    I think they are not working from multiman due to copy from BD but I think downloaded games will work fine on multiman.I tested ps1 game and it works without any issue.
    I can even pay for a site which can provide converted ps2 classics and psp games.
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