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  • Haha Naah man, a dedicated service will require time and I sadly don't have that much to spare with my Hectic daily routines :p

    Waisy at the moment, i have several titles already burn ready, ( Medal of Honor, Vanquish, Enslaved, Mafia II, Fable III, HAWX 2, Alan Wake, Fall out : New Vegas, Dead Rising 2 and COD : Black Ops ) Lemme Know if you happen to need one.
    I see, well 125 and 150 seem a bit too high =/

    I can always burn fellow PG'ers :) And If i were to charge i'd say a modest rs100.
    bhai jan,everyone has their own rates these days,two other in rawalpindi charge 125 and 150rs i think,which is the same as the market rates so i order from karachi when i have a few games,like now i ordered 7 games,90rs for each and 150 for delivery,780rs for 7 games overall,from here it would have cost me atleast 875rs.If u dont burn for everyone else then its ok,it wouldnt be good if it were for free :)
    Oh I see, lol 4th Nov is way too far :p

    Man I don't exactly have a service or anything I just burn for myself or a couple of friends or so.
    About rates, idk :p I never charged anyone yet. You tell me what's the standard rate ?
    Sure man i'll let you know. waisy my 360 has never gone on Live I just use it for offline gaming.

    Keeping the current situation in perspective, with Black Ops and the new dash out it's highly advisable not to go on Live at the moment. Till then just enjoy the Black Ops single player mode :D
    Lol I burn games myself, It ain't gonna be in the market anytime soon, since it just got leaked :p

    Nope I'm on the old one, the 9119 something :)
    fuggy is expensive iam buying games farhan 125rs/disc sms me 03335301473 i will send u his no
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