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  • your fav thread is now a sticky in gaming central : game finishing thread
    Hey bro, i figured you're selling an HTC One X.
    I am interested, i have a lumia 520 can we do an exchange deal + cash from my side?
    I am also located in Peshawar, let me know.
    Hassan has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
    Yar it lasts a day on Medium Usage

    For heavy usage i usually bring the battery down to 20% during office hours (Gaming/Browsing)
    Thanks a lot for your help.No one helped me.I went there to arrange hostel on 21st Aug but could not find a better one so I decided not to take admission in Peshawar.
    Your reply mean a lot to me.
    ALLAH aap ko hamesha khush rakhe.
    bro, nexus 7 is not a phone its a tab. it is ugly tbh. too heavy to carry around, camera is only front, yes run games

    I would advise you buy a used htc one S, or i9100 s2 if in good condition and no refurb.
    CS is like a broad term for all computer related fields AFAIK, I'll be going for programming and software if I do CS. so you're gonna go for FAST then?
    Well, for me it's more about interest than merit. If I'm interested in a subject than I can get the merit necessary to get into a Uni for it. I'm still leaning towards CS cause a little part of me still wants to build video games. I still have a few months to decide and then I'll be applying to Unis next year. So what're you going to be at the entry test? can you give it again?

    Nah, I'm applying next year and I still haven't completely made up my mind about Engineering yet. I still feel like maybe I should do CS from FAST. Are you applying to UET?
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    Necrokiller Necrokiller: wow that bad ?Its not bad at all if you're into Left 4 Dead style co-op gameplay. On PC atleast...