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    Want to build a Budget Gaming Rig Under 150K

    Stop making sh*t videos, ffs!
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    A strange experience, is our society going nuts?

    There are people that don't care about the way they look in a particular outfit, I am not against shorts or anything but a person must have a look at himself and see if the clothing suits him. I have seen people roaming around in totally inappropriate dressing and that they are inviting some...
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    Want To Buy Hacked PS3

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    PC My game got featured

    good to see a game made by a fellow paki. Congrats!
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    Cheap Pack of Casual Tshirts?

    what type of 'minor defects' do these clothes have?
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    Didn't knew something like this existed

    good thing you found us, we need members like you. Welcome to Pg
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    PG's Offical Funny Vids Thread

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    New to PG and life

    Happy brithday on PG :D Welcome to the club! Btw, Which business do you operate?
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    You didn't answer me.

    You didn't answer me.
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    Which is your favorite browser?

    Chrome for PC (despite of windows10 complaining about it and suggesting edge) :P UC browser for Phone
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    Hey brother, you mentioned that you own a pair of VR glasses. I have a query, is it possible to...

    Hey brother, you mentioned that you own a pair of VR glasses. I have a query, is it possible to use that device as a head gear for recording videos (like the reviewers on youtube) ?
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    Which VR glasses to buy?

    Then you don't have any experience :D
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    Which VR glasses to buy?

    Its better to base your decision on suggestion of the people who have first hand experience and not on review readers
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    Which VR glasses to buy?

    murtaza12 Leon I need it for watching videos. I know it has less variety but hey they are cheap, so i wanna try them. Is there any significant difference between the paperboard, vr box (available at daraz) and the thing which leon own?
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