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  • If you ask me, it's always preferable to run games at the native resolution of the display. While still not as great as MSAA, post-process AA has come a long way. For example, SMAA T2X is pretty good in Crysis 3.
    Yup, you're right. The PS3 had a better launch lineup. Resistance: Fall of Man was a pretty good game for its time. Had a 40-player multiplayer mode.
    Not a 9, but I did think it would score somewhere in the 8s. Huge disappointment for me on a personal level, especially since I'm a fan of the series.

    I'm now looking towards TitanFall on the PC for the definitive FPS experience. Are you going to get it?
    You better edit the VM in that case. People can view this message and conversation :p

    Well, it's good if you want to buy PS4 at launch :wink2:
    That's confusing. First time, you said that you will create multiple ids since there are cafes there and will troll with them. Now you are saying that you will ask your friends to troll around in PS section. Both things will lead to you getting perma banned. Especially if you are the one who is posting through these accounts. ;)
    u dont get i have lot of friends mean a lot of friends to troll if do it really i swear u cannot clean the mess they will make
    You don't understand what i am saying here. If you make multiple accounts after ban, your original account i.e this one will be perma banned along with your other duplicate ids. And we don't need to trace your IP address, we can simply find you from the style of your posts :p
    You do know multiple accounts will get your perma banned from PG. It is strictly against the rules.
    Do they sell on a fixed rate or do you have to negotiate? Also, are there any used products there for sale too?
    hey bro, did you get your pc parts from kl? If so, can you tell me of the cheapest place here to buy these parts from(even if theres an online store) I live on the outskirts of the city so im not exactly sure of locations just yet. :)
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    iampasha iampasha: Me to wese b hacked win10 use krta hu. Someone suggested ghost spectre, I forgot who that was...