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  • Sorry bro i dont have ptcl gpon but murtaza12 has. I havr nayatel and its upload and download is symmetrical.
    damn , i also have a 620W with GTX 1070...

    the account was new i bought on 30th it was working till 3rd april i plyed more than 15hrs its games than yesterday wen i came back from work they had Lock sign on them.

    i contacted the seller he says its due to the new firmware it locks games so u gotta keep ps4 offline all the time. which sounds v stupid i asked fro replacement but watiin for his reply ... m sad :(
    Games are getting Locked :(.

    i bought a new account wid horizon etc after 4days the games got lock on it.

    i contacted the seller he says tht the latest firmware locks the games u need to never connect internet after downloading games

    i asked for replacement xD but seller has yet to reply :*(
    I am downloading the one which is latest.

    i think cemu is getting stable enought to test it .. its 23gb so lets see will try tonite.
    Great best mario game honestly super mario 3d is great make gpu buffer accuary Low... rest keep same same . adjust pro controller in input settings and ur ready to roll :)
    Download the smaller in size version of Super Mario 3d World.. wen u extract it it wll become 24gb
    Hi i wanna buy ROTTR steam offline crack, Is it temporary activation or permanent?
    Deja Vu has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
    The xray password is "Cell" ....which we use in the computer to unlock B1 door...John is ID and ADA is pass for the computer....and B1 room numerical code is 8462....goodluck....and if u need more help than do let me know...
    No idea where I said it. I don't have that TV anymore though. Switched to a 43 inch Plasma a while back. Can't really remember what I used for my old TV, sorry :(
    sir most amps run on dual votloages , its stated at back ,. and even if it does not no harm does , lots of good 220 / 110 inverters .
    some dont support it , my plasma did not support full sbs , but replica 60 inch samsung wifi led does --loll so its a hit or miss
    cant comment on half or full sbs support , the denon are good enough amps , i have 2 of them my self , that is a sweet price .
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