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  • if i dont... then i have to edit each thread every time again and again coz some ppl simply dont get it.
    the charges are no big problem all i have to do is find out how much they are if they are around 150 ill send u a copy
    oh and u dont have to PAY any money consider it a gift
    yea Okami is an AWESOME game
    grab it as soon as you can

    and about FES i can download it for you but erm i live in isloo
    will find out how much it costs though
    You shouldn't be CONSIDERING Okami, you should be BUYING it. Right now. Seriously. It's just that good. Everything in it is beyond amazing. The only thing I have to criticise in it is that it can be a little too easy at points, but that's just it. It's excellent otherwise.

    The side-quests, puzzles and the 'creativity' of the game make up for everything else, IMO. As I said before, you'll definitely like it at the least, if not fall in love with it blindly.

    (btw, reading my previous reply again, wow, that was a grammatic disaster!)
    Okami is godly awesome (pun intended).

    I know you'll like it because you liked Final Fantasy XII and Shadow of the Colossus, both of which had one thing in - size. Okami has just that. It's huge and have breath-taking scenery to gaze at at every moment. Not to mention iconic and innovative, there's that too. It's not as huge as Final Fantasy XII, though, but big enough.

    Anyway, just give it a chance. It starts off a little annoying because the story is a bit boring and linear at first, but around 15 hour mark, it picks up very well (by adding 15 more side-stories in the mix and putting lots of plot twists of plot twists for good measure). The gameplay becomes a lot better from there too, because you'd have unlocked a lot more techniques by then.

    In the end, if you were able to sit through something like KINGDOM HEARTS (which puked mediocrity everywhere in its Disney parts), you'll definitely - in the least - be able to sit through this as well, if not less.
    sure why not? make a compilation ASAP, since I don't know a shit about MSG nor I have any interest in it, so just compile the article and let me know, I will add it on the main site.
    *so, so jealous*... T_T

    And happy playing VP1! I stopped playing that because I couldn't frigging understand it at all. Hope you understand it better than I do, but you're a better gamer than I am anyway.
    OMFG YOU HAVE SHADOW OF DESTINY!?! I've been looking for that game for AGGGESSS! Gah. How did you find it?

    But that's not important. The important thing is that you mail it to me RIGHT NOW. Period.
    I got to that part when their school turns into a gigantic castle, and I saved my game there and turned it off. Cousin left with his PS2, but I told him not to delete the save file because I'll continue it from day...
    I'm just speaking the truth. Maybe I've grown out of my 'ZOMG BIGEYED ANIME GALZ!' state, I dunno, I just couldn't stand it...
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