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  • im good too , Alhamdulillah. Same routine , job , games and stuff. Hang in there, only an year left :) No drama like kurosagi, yet :D
    Salam. How are you doing? Been a while. All set? Must've graduated by now i guess :D Or nearly there?
    Well one of my friend also had CG spoild, but I thought my case was worse than him, lol.
    Ok, i'll give it a try and let u know. But i dont think itll be anytime soon
    Well im currently about half way through the last season (4th) and i think it's not that dull as i thought it would be. Its still pretty inrtriguing and i find myself hooked to the show while watching.
    Though i knew the ending when i was watching season 2 , thanks to wikipedia :( They wrote that in the first paragraph of the damn movie page,(i was trying to check release information).
    So aproximatly all spoilt and i still enjoyed the show, its a job well done imo. Probably one of the reason is me being of aware of show's demise
    I remember that I did, may be. Doesnt matter, lol

    So you're out of suggestions for JDrama? Actually i am starting to feel like JDramas now adays are full of *acting*, you know what i mean. They overreact so much that it's hard to passby without noticing.
    Kurosagi will always hold special place in my memories :) The drama was damn too good.
    I did try a few koreans. They were good too. Specially Iris and School 2013. Other mentionables were i think The heir and Doc stranger and The evil/cruel city

    Currently watching prison break. Atleast first season is very captivating.
    Anime, i told u about shingeki no kyojin?
    Other than that, watched barakamon, nisekoi first season only

    Will watch FSN UBW and will definitely watch Shigatsu wa kimi no usu, I think im gonna love it. Just waiting for right time to start watching, had watched 5-6 episodes quite a while back.

    No good JDrama that can compete with Kurosagi, so no, not watching any.

    what about u?
    Cool to know ure on right track with right amount of energy reqd. Will c u in field soon, insha'Allah
    O thank you. C++ is gud. Pay good attention to Java too, when u get on to it. It's kinda ever-green language(so far).
    You might not be up for challenge, but for fun, go and solve some riddles in CoderByte(Coderbyte | Programming Challenges , best thing about coderbyte is when u finish a program, u'll be able to see other solutions and you'll definitely say-Oh! i couldnt think that way ;) ) and codility. Codility is really professional thing. So Cdrbyte for now.

    Yes its really good. Actually pakistani market has some issue, want to keep wages to minimum, inflicting quality. ,,and then there's brain-drain causing shortage of good seniors in field. And good seniors make hell lot of differnce. Most of the good programmers previously flew away to australia and other countries. Now malaysia is the new australia.

    But dont worry about any of those. If you build a good logic and concepts, you wont be left behind.So , gud luck to u bro
    Programming very much depands really on how its taught. So, gud luck to u. Which languages have u programmed so far?
    I got into CSIT on same reason. Felt short on merit.
    But im glad now that i did.
    Congrats on that too.

    I thought u once showed disliking towards programming. How come go for a field like CE?
    Ok, cool trhat you got enrolled. Which uni and what majors?

    Also, you should be thankful to have got something different in your routine after such a long time. If you have have watched now you see me, then when you get time to watch another mv, watch The prestige. Its one of the finest in magic genre (atleast to me).

    Sorry about the late reply, was lazy :(
    Thanks dude, I did find a way to play/view (which ever it is) on my phone but that requires some converting or something so I'll try that and then I'll get back to you with a review of your suggestions
    They do seem really interesting and I wanna get into them, is there any way to view them on my phone?
    Also, please recommend the best one, in your opinion, for a beginner.
    Ah now I remember, this format is used in many games aswell like the naruto ones on the psp or the dragonrompa series and quite a few more. It personally doesn't entice me that much but to each their own.
    How exactly are visual novels? I have never read one actually

    Don't worry too much about it, you'll find time. It was the same with me when uni started but it has gotten a lot better now
    Well NUST is no step down either, Inshallah the job will be MINE!!

    HxH is just super, at first I thought it was very entertaining but lacked depth but then it just went in a whole new awesome direction which I did not expect and I was sad that it ended while on the other hand S;G was a little slow for my taste but it was pretty damn good.

    It kinda is sad, uni happened or worse? You grew up?(Que Indian drama sound effect: "Da dun Da dun ..Da dun")
    So I assume you ended up going to Giki right? how is it, I've surprisingly heard quite little about it or have been selectively attentive towards its.
    Umm I just ended my 3rd year in uni so hopefully will be able to land a job the second quarter of the next year, other than that I just bought a ps4 like literally 2 days ago and enjoying the hell out of it. On the side of things I watched a bunch of anime that had been on the backlog: Soul reaper, Full metal Alchemist, hunter x hunter 2011, Steins Gate and well the regular movie and tv stuff here and there
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