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  • Wassalam.
    I'm doing well. :)
    Yeah, it's been a long time. I'm in my 6th semester so I still have another year to go. University life is pretty busy and time-consuming, tiring too.

    How are you doing? How's life?
    Yup I've played both Dark Souls 1 and 2. I loved both those games. And I love this game more than the last two. The gameplay in this game is slightly improved. I find the animations more fluid (I can somewhat compare it to Bloodborne's gameplay from what I've seen of Bloodborne in videos). Keep in mind though, that this game is extremely difficult in the first 2-3 hours, unless you get better loot, more estus flask shards etc.

    I am 9 hours and 30 minutes in this game (installed it approox 27 hours ago) and I can't stop playing. The only reason I put down the controller just now is that I have my finals starting from Monday :p
    Lol, that sucks. But in my opinion that's not as bad as being spoiled Code Geass for yourself. That was way too unfortunate a case for me. :/
    You need to check out Breaking Bad. One of the best. I cannot praise it enough. You will love it to bits.
    I get you. I dislike it too when acting comes off as artificial and forced.
    Those tv series look interesting.
    Prison Break is good for until when they break out of the prison. After that it's just the creators exploiting the show's popularity and making dull episodes over. I really liked it.
    Hey bro, what do you mean by the post you posted on the windows 10 keys thread? I was looking to buy one. Is something wrong?

    I can't remember if you did talk about SnK but I have read a bit of its story and watched quite a few clips of it. It is amazing. I really love the concept, the action scenes and the characters. Watched a few scenes of nisekoi on yt as well, they were so funny. Didn't know about Barakamon until you mentioned its name; it's rated high and looks good.
    The Fate/Stay Night series is awesome. The new UBW is amazing.

    Even if no other Jdrama can beat Kurosagi for you isn't it a bit sad to not touch any new jdramas? I'm sure there are a lot of good jdramas out there.

    Me, not much. I finished two visual novels. Finished Fate/Zero and Golden Time. Fate/Zero was a masterpiece, GT was just good.
    I have my eyes on Java. I've heard it's used a lot in enterprise environments.
    I've saved quite a few websites that have programming challenges. I really like the satisfaction one gets after solving a problem. But the thing is I don't know that much programming so I won't be able to solve most of the problems besides a few of the starting ones so I'm spending my time right now learning as much C++ as I can before getting started with the programming challenges. Thank you for the links; I'm sure they will be of great use to me.

    It's exactly as you said. Everyone's running off. As much as I hate to see that happen I can't dislike the people because I know most are going abroad because they need to win the bread to survive. Pakistan is in a horrible state now and I am sad about it. I pray things improve, God willing.

    Exactly. I'm going to be focusing on algorithms, logic and data structures for now. Thanks.
    Precisely. I believe that a good teacher will instill in a student love for a subject and that is the most important thing. Thanks, I pray the same for you.
    Only C++ so far. But I have learned only a little bit of python on my own.

    Good to hear that. Computer related fields like comp. science and others aren't all that bad. They are all the boom in the US but not so much here because there is very little industry.
    Haha, yeah I was like that but I remember it being because my experience of learning programming once in grade 6 was a bad one. Now that I have programmed properly for more time and with a better programming language it's not all that bad.
    I got into CE because of my merit. Didn't qualify for Mechanical, Electrical etc.
    EME college of Nust. Computer Engineering.

    I remember that movie. Someone recommended it to me a few years back and I watched it. It was amazing. Loved the plot twists and it was an emotional experience.

    No worries. Lazy guy here too. :p
    Khair mubarak and a late Eid mubarak to you and your family as well.

    Not all that much. Enjoying my holidays back at home after coming back from university. The routine got dull at one point and I really just wanted to come back.
    Haven't been gaming much or watching anime these past few months. I did watch a few movies like "Now You See Me", "Gone Girl" and 'Penguins of Madagascar' but that's it.
    No mate,it hasnt been cracked yet. You can install steam and play the beta through it though. It wont ask for anything since the beta is free.
    "It was very rewarding when you jump from an edge and get in concentration mode and you move towards your screen just to catch the red pipeline connecting to the building."

    Welcome. Anime movies are really good watches if one does not have enough time to watch full season.
    No way the new mirror's edge will run on this laptop. I had problem playing YS Origin on this.
    What you just said. The new Medal of Honor games are very bad. DICE should stick to the Battlefield series.
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