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  • You finally saw me playing RE6 today ;)

    lol TCG and sshah related? Because they're usually on the same side during discussions?
    You are the first person to talk about the article on the site. You didn't find it, then who did? You posted the snide remark on my VM and ensued into funny situation, which I wouldn't even care about normally, but the fact that I got threats because of it from the REAL girl who wrote the article, doesn't help your case.
    Yeah, but you helped that person a lot in getting kicks out of this whole thing.
    I had already placed my order with Amaga bhai before the reviews came crashing down lol. Yup, got my copy last evening. Haven't touched it yet, though. Haven't even unrwapped the TCS packing :lol:

    If you're up for a coop session today, send me an sms and I'll be there on PSN (provided that load shedding doesn't strike).
    Friend's request accepted. Don't worry, you won't be ignored...on forums at least.

    And that display pic isn't me, it's a quick sketch of Uchiha Madara.
    After that shitfest you started on this site for the whole 'tea cup' article posted by some chick on a newspaper. And the ensuing threats I received from her online...thank god, I know who did it. I just gave her the appropriate names. Couldn't care less what happens to anyone here. :)
    Sigh...what do you want now? Be honest, because I took you off from my friends list ages ago. You couldn't have noticed it just now.
    EX only accepts PP which i difficult for me as getting a verified PP account is not possible
    if you need RS account i can get u a LEGIT account with less price then the retail
    Thanks Jay-bee honey. Must the world know of your undying love, and fetish for me? :/
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