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  • Swift: Go to a Suzuki dealership and drive both the MT Swift and the AT (its a 4-speed auto) Swift and you'll know why the AT variant is pathetic. It lags a lot in acceleration, irregular shifting etc. I said its pathetic because there is a 180 difference in the 'drive joy' of the MT and AT variant which shouldn't be the case.
    Belta 1.0: Simply because that specific 1.0 engine is crappy and shouldn't be in a Sedan car, its good as long as its in Vitz! because of the weight difference between a Sedan (Belta) and a Hatchback (Vitz).

    Baki there are definitely pros and cons of both the cars, mostly build quality related on Swift but STILL its a decent car (like I said in the thread, considering its made by PakSuzuki, its decent compared to there other cars).
    Bought one too from homeshopping. They told me all chinese tabs come with protector already on. Weird.
    Badista has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
    brother waiting for your reply, regarding samsung galaxy Y phone. i need it in urgent plz reply as soon as possible.
    Thank you for your post. I have your thread in view. Kindly confirm if the mobile is in 10/10 condition. I shall pick up yours if I cant find an Explorer soon.
    i havent used the same one, but the thing is that i bought a avc cooler which was larger then the one that guy is selling and the temps improved phenomenally when i mention phenomenally I mean it...the only catch is the noise its a very powerful fan and thus lots of before buying the avc cooler make sure you find out its exact model then find out the maximum cfm and let me knw the cfm ill tell u if its worth it or not...msg me on the visitor page np!
    yar i'm interested but i have only 6k for this deal plz adjust all the things in this budget.if u r agree then its ok to me and there is some problem with pg site thats why i'm not logging in these days.plz contact on my cell for more details.0333-4363298
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