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  • Your inbox is full...

    Anyways, you asked about my Motorola Turbo. Just wanted to let you know that it's reserved for someone else.
    final will be 700 rs for my lg phone....

    my location is dha phase v ext...

    please let me know what you decide and when you want to come over


    you can sms me at 0314-2275020

    pls let me know what you decide

    final will be 700 rs for my lg phone....

    my location is dha phase v ext...

    you can sms me at 0314-2275020

    pls let me know what you decide


    Like i said, i don't just think about me.

    Anyway, i hope my message is delivered and well understood. Please keep this in mind in future while uploading pictures :)

    Thank you for your cooperation.
    There is a reason why this is not included in "Rules". Its because it more of General Guidelines.

    Rules call for Punishment if broken. Guidelines are meant for your own help, for doing tasks more efficiently.
    ALL Your Pictures were 50MB (49.9MB) in size.
    Resized ones (to exactly HALF i.e. 2000x1500 pixels) are ONLY a tad more than 2MB. (YES, ALL OF THEM)

    It took me 3 Mouse Clicks, A couple of Button Smashes & One Enter Press ... to achieve these results. (with absolutely no loss in quality - you can see that as well)

    It took me 10 Seconds to press these clicks & buttons, and around 2 minutes to Upload them.

    It saved me FIFTEEN MINUTES of time which i've waited for them to load/download.

    FIFTEEN MINUTES. THATS A LOT by today's standards.

    So, Why not do your work more Efficiently, saving Your Time as well as Others? Hm?
    Typical "ME" and more "ME". Showing Total disregard to OTHERS' convenience.

    Unlike that, i try to think out of the box and use ways which cause no disturbance/annoyance to neither party (me or others)

    Its funny. Just a couple of hours ago, my neighbors blocked the whole frikkin road because of their wedding, causing major disturbance in area's traffic. Upon asking them nicely to make some way for traffic atleast, their attitude was almost the same as yours, giving no damn about others.

    Anyway, let me try to convince you with some evidence. Because it seems you are taking the word "Compressed" as a bad (quality affecting) thing.

    Your Thread (see inside your original so called "HD" pictures):
    Resized Pics (Temp. Album): Azzkiker - Test Album - Imgur

    Please compare them before you make an opinion.
    I don't appreciate the sarcasm.

    Its better if you atleast try what i mentioned before making an opinion on it.

    For something to be in HD, it doesn't necessarily have to be Uncompressed. Better and more efficient ways are available too.

    Please keep it in mind next time as majority of the users in Pakistan only have 1-2Mb connections and it does get really annoying for opening up HD (uncompressed pictures) like that.


    Next time you upload pictures, please make sure you Compress them (or better yet Resize them) to a more appropriate weight.

    Uploading 2.5/4MB pictures is downright stupid. Its frustrating for users and its just not efficient way to browse through them.

    There are ways available to reduce the size/dimentions without compromising on quality.

    You can use the following tool under Win7 or Win8 which is incredibly easy to use.
    Image Resizer for Windows - Home

    Thanks for reading.

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