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  • Pakistan, and Pakistanis. Always pressing the minorities. Always ahead in ripping apart the rules. So yeah, no surprises there.

    But its the amount that matters. You don't expect to stay hidden most of the time, 'eh? Or maybe identities can be hidden, disguised. Maybe.

    Anyway ... whats the gaming scenes these days? Still ON or short circuited?
    Kinda aggressive actually ... and fast. Maybe a bit of feminine touch is all thats needed ... Maybe.
    Hey! Long time no see. Busy in professional life, or married maybe?

    Things are changing around here. You gotta bring more of your kind around here. :p
    GameInformer cover-story here (followed by my summary if you don't wanna read 14 pages of awesomeness!):

    Direct feed shots of the GameInformer screenshots here:

    Sample Musical score of Halo 4 released by 343: Halo 4 Soundtrack Samples - YouTube

    Can't stop listening to it. So....much....awesome

    lol i JUST came back from playing Halo after almost 2 weeks straight. Ran into Mugsy and we did a few MLG 8s. It wuz nice.

    ....but my controller still sucks >.>
    Shabashay :p

    They should get high every event then, seems like thats the way they'll score the win :p
    European Gaming League Halo tournament going on right now. Str8 is in the venue! I can't watch the stream properly cuz its in HD and it requires a little more bandwidth which i dun haz so my stream is lagging like hell.


    I couldn't help it. It's not my fault that she happens to be quite hot :lol:

    ......but still....HOW DARE SHE!!!
    I wanted to do some very horrible and nasty things to her when she said that.

    ....and then after she would die by my hands, i would do a few more nasty things with her dead body too

    khekhekhekhekhe :lol:
    The b*tch in this video needs to die a horrible, painful death @0:38

    I'm Such A Nerd (with Katrina Bowden) - YouTube
    I loved the blank stare when he realizes and goes "....wait.."

    and then their coach is like "We'll work on that later"

    Mikwen's epic trash talk fail at Columbus! :lol:

    Mikwen (An MLG Pro) Trash Talk FAIL (MLG Columbus 2012) - YouTube
    I'm out of breath. What an incredibly intense and grueling series between 2 juggernauts. Yeah thats right. Both teams are juggernauts in my eyes! What a performance! What a show of skill and endurance! I wouldn't have minded PAYING to watch this awesomeness!

    Amazing. Simply an amazing event in the history of MLG Halo!

    I'm in love with this video!

    MLG Columbus 2012 Halo Promo 'We are Halo' - YouTube
    Nah i would have had it ruined anyway once i logged into watch the rebroadcast :p Its all about the action that ensues though. Just got home and time to see what i missed out! :D

    But yaar you really REALLY should watch the Instinct vs Classic series that happened on Saturday. It was filled with omgwtf moments and the deciding game 5 was the BOMBA! I posted a clip of the final 2 minutes of the game 5 in the thread, don't watch it! It will ruin the experience. Watch the full series from start to finish once the videos get on youtube! :D
    Oh my God! You don't say! :eek:

    DAMN it must have been an epic series to watch if it went as far as game 11! :eek:

    I'll be coming straight home from the paper to watch the rebroadcast! Thanks for the update! I hope you had fun watching :D
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