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  • Did you get your alcatel successfully unlocked and how much did it cost? I have a alcatel 5020t which should be similar!
    dawn classifieds on sunday, usually people moving out sell all their stuff...interesting stuff can be found through these sales, olx is expensive but an option...also saddar mein there's a street for lots of audio stuff home audio that is and furthermore there's jackson market which is highly untrustworthy but waha piece by piece shayad kuch ban jayay!
    Hey do u want to buy Xbox 360 account with Xbox live 1 month and 1 full game and also alot of gold camo for blackops 2 and alot of achievements for games and I also have Xbox 360 games for reallllly cheap they are cod 4, cod blackops 2 and skyrim.
    assholes weren't like this before...nashco are Abuses will lead to ban folks be careful they will see your face and then quote you price...so dont tell them you are not from karachi....go first time and get prices without disclosing your budget first...research then buy even if it takes you two days...also just tell them you need a htib and what is the starting model range for it...dont even mention brands to them see what they come up with!
    just call them and find out models and price before coming to khi, then when you get here hopefully get them to give you a final cost....on the phone if they tell you any model even if its htib then let me know....HTIB of yamaha, denon and onkyo is leaps and bounds better than sony, samsung, phillips or these conventional jap brand's HTIB. If I had the money you have i would go with HTIB among these three brands...cuz seperate will be much more expensive! Just tell me what HTIB is models are available and I can tell you which one you should target.
    Brother its a future capable reciever but has integral flaw of not having on board hd audio decoding...it would be great for it to have it and you could enjoy the real kind of sound! So keep looking...for the speakers tell me exact model of the system you are being offered...yamaha is a great company, just this model is little crippled!

    Message on visitor messages as I less space in inbox.
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