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  • yar arent you updating the dropbox now? :(

    2nd yar do you have any ebook for multivariable? like the calculus by uncle finney? I want a multi varible book with almost complete topics included , but on internet ebooks arent available and whats on ebook are just crappy books :/
    well me and my friend soon gonna start a project , kinda software house , but right now my goal is that we will get projects from freelancing sites and then we will let our team work on it and after writing/building that project we will divide the money in the team according to the work they done ,

    bcz web and mobile development is highly demanded so i'll start finding web devs ,

    later we will start c/c++ algos and engines and systems development when our team will be running like pro :D

    so what you can do ? the thing you think you are perfect and love to do

    my friend is actually lil sick now a days , but after deciding the whole plan i'll post a thread on pg too (y)
    oh no problem :)

    well mery sath kam karo ge?
    i am thinking to start a developing company kinda project ,

    we all can earn together :)
    Rafay bro are u free these days?

    Ek assignment banani he data structure ki
    Bana doge? Paisy b donga me :p
    My name's Syed Ali Raza (CE) .
    Sorry for a little bit late reply :p didn't open PG for a long time.
    oh its mean you and me can both create accounts on same application but only i can access mine due to security?
    "It should be capable of managing any number of users’ account provided only single user at a time"

    rafay what exactly it does mean? the 2nd point of password feature of digital diary :/
    oh hmmm .... well i've saved it anyway in my dropbox :)

    and when the next semster gonna start? my 3rd's final is in march , and afterwards next practical courses are operating system, computer architecture , and communications and networks, + software engineering

    SE has no practical but as i joined CS just for SE so i need to prepare it at advanced level like nust's courses level ,

    whats yours next core course of 4th semester? :)
    hmm so its mean i've to save all of them , once they are gone they wont come back? even you cant find those notes again?
    rafay do you have access to the lectures of numerical analysis?
    i observed that the lectures you gave me of data structures are really awesome and arranged really great , it'd be great if i could get other courses too , or is there any other thing on nust available? like i mean openware contents and stuff :/

    or this dropbox folder is created by you?
    Looked at a thread in education section and came to know that you study comp eng: at EME. I myself have got selected for the same field at EME. Just wanted to have some comments of yours about the quality of faculty, research labs, environment etc. I will be staying in hostels.
    And are desktop PCs allowed for the students staying at hostels from 1st semester? bcz my brother studied at CAE risalpur and it was not allowed in the starting semesters.
    At one point in my life desire was a dream phone for ages over the galaxy s, now it seems I can only afford my dreams of yesterday and nothing more:p You do have both of them in excellent condition i understand how expensive this stuff was back in the day must hurt. Desire ka bhi do tell me whats the last you would let it go for like absolutely with shipping.
    Logically you are right:p Good Luck with the sale buddy.

    Btw getting HTC EVO 3D at 10k and Galaxy S at 8.5k in the local market here in Karachi through trustworthy shop. So I hope I did not offend you with my offer.
    I'll offer what the market rate for the wildfire s is that is 5.5k with shipping to khi. Let me know if it suits you.
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