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  • My dear bro please update my trader score i have already repped u for the ps3 component cable please rep me aswell :)
    But I don't brag around people that I'm the best or I'm the Head of that Firm, I thought that if I was younger then you, then you would have listened to me and talked to me man to man on Skype but you did the opposite which I asked you to do that countless times, and I'm not the one who's desperate to talk to you, I just wanted to clear the Air and misconception that you had about my logic and still has, I have talked and corrected a lot of people like you on Skype so I think if you give me a chance to prove myself then you might change your opinion if not well it it won't effect me as I know I'm right in every way, pardon my saying but I would prefer Skype for communication I don't like to share my cell with everyone hope you understand.
    I'm an educated and well mannered person but your continuous attacks on criticizing me in front of everyone made me mad and also made me lose your respect. You think only you know everything and we are just fools then my dear bro you are very wrong, you may do Networking for the sake of money I do it for pleasure,for living and for my better future.
    Oh hello janab aram karo okay zayda over honay ke zaroort nahe hai agar tum ho na kisi so called IT kay head tau I don't give a rats ass, now you have made mad, so either mind your own business or bear what is being said. I tried to be civil but your attitude and tone is getting out of control and you are irritating me. Agar itnay he ho na tau aoo Skype pe mai prove ker k tumhay dekhoun ga k kis ka method theek hai okay. Nahe ana tau abb mughay tag or quote bhee galti say bhee na kerna okay.
    wow...just buy a NAS instead of changing ur case + u wont have to spend a fortune on the motherboard with 8 sata ports.
    Amazon.com: Corsair Vengeance 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3 1600 MHz (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory (CML16GX3M4A1600C9): Electronics
    Firstly thanks bro, well I can resolve your problem is just few seconds that is kindly add me on Skype here is my ID: abrar_444. Kindly remember that you should have mic and team viewer.
    I need my Trader score bro. Its been 2-3 weeks, and you haven't checked the charger yet. Please check at now asap and give me the Score

    hi -- i might need 2 1 tera hdd -- but price and no warranty is a little bit worrying --- sorry but been bitteon more then 1 here so have to be care full .

    can u pm a final for 2 drives -- and i am in rwp -- pls note that i dont require 1 week warranty only 1 day is enough --- but i pay only after i get the product --though this may be selfish but this is how i work after what happened....u can check out my trade score if in doubt .
    let me know pls
    Let me know as Gears Of War 3 and Halo Reach AND the power brick were bought seperately
    An item by definition cannot be 'brand new' if it has been used, even for a minute. In any case, what's the firmware version....is it hackable?

    R u serious?

    thats not the case. Seriously its not in a country like Pakistan where we have to import these consoles and will have to check thoroughly if all is in order.
    coming this sunday for movies with 160gb hdd....plz reply as soon as possible and the no on ur 1st is still valid or not.......plz reply soon as am a job person and dont have much time on other days.....and will u copy the movies on the spot because if i leave the portable at ya place then it will be hard for me to pick it the very next day.....plz reply soon
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