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  • reg2 i think 6 k+.cos its short right now.

    but reg1 is in 5300rs.which is usually costly then reg 2.
    You make the payment to my Standard Chartered Account or easy paisa account. Key will be sent to your email address.
    Gamma and backlight options are to be adjusted according to how bright the viewing environment inside your room is. During the daytime, you might want to turn up the backlight to 7-9 and the gamma value to +1 or +2. On the other hand, in a darker viewing environment, switch gamma to 0 or -1 and set the backlight to 4-5.

    Clear White, Black Corrector, and Live Color are artificial enhancements that result in skewed colors and loss of detail via black-crush. Hence, they're best kept off.
    Apologies for the delay.

    Pressing those series of buttons on the TV remote leads to the service menu, and I would highly recommend that you don't use it. It's highly risky, and ultimately not worth it. I've seen a TV that had to be sent in for repair because its owner tried to tamper with the service menu options. I thought the white balance menu would be present in the advanced settings, but if it is not the case, then I suggest that you let it go. The remaining picture settings I gave you should do a decent job of bringing the grey-scale values in order.
    Hello, apologies for the late reply.

    The white balance settings should be present under the 'advanced settings' option. Use the following white balance settings for your panel:

    R-Gain: -7
    G-Gain: 0
    B-Gain: -14
    R-Bias: -5
    G-Bias: -4
    B-Bias: +11

    Switch all other advanced settings off, since they add to the input lag and tamper with picture accuracy.

    Other settings:

    Contrast: 90
    Brightness: 50
    Color: 48
    Hue: 0
    Color Temperature: Cool for gaming, Warm 2 for video content
    Sharpness: 0
    Noise Reduction: Off
    MPEG Noise Reduction: Off
    Film Mode: Off for gaming; Auto 2 for video content

    Feel free to ask if I've missed out on some particular picture option or if you have any further queries.
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