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Salam Bhai
Bhai I have ryzen 7 1700x can we trade it with 2700x you have.? If yes so how much will be the difference?

Vouching for Steelwall aka Zeeshan, I've gotten some stuff off him but not on pg
i have a retro MK AZIO typewriter-style keyboard.
i bought it from Canada. Willing to trade?

030000-48666 text or WhatsApp if interested. Thanks
Not interested in trade.
I am interested in the casing whats your location
preferably contact me on WhatsApp... 030000-48666
AOA, Brother i have send you message on whatsapp regarding the sale of 9900k package kindly & lemme know your responce
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    L lmOwh: lmao can anyone pop over for a halo lan party