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i have a retro MK AZIO typewriter-style keyboard.
i bought it from Canada. Willing to trade?

030000-48666 text or WhatsApp if interested. Thanks
Not interested in trade.
AOA, Brother i have send you message on whatsapp regarding the sale of 9900k package kindly & lemme know your responce
Ok its has been a really long time , how ya been
The Punisher
The Punisher
Heyy, what's up brother? Yes, it has been a long time. How are you? Good to hear from an old PG member. Damn, it has been a long time.
I bought tomahawk and ryzen processor from u.
As u said ryzen processor got warranty of 3 years but you havent send me any receipt of it nor warranty.
Please give me warranty card or any kind of warranty of Processor.
The Last of Us part 2 and Uncharted The Lost Legacy is up for sale in steller condition. Price is 7k and 3k Respectively. negotiable.
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