Your Favorite Youtubers/Twitch/Facebook Content creators

PG, We are looking for Gaming, Tech and GameDev Youtubers/Twitch/Facebook creators in #Pakistan who are doing great work, but not really receiving the exposure they deserve.

If you are one, or know of one, Please @ them in this thread or provide their channel name on any platform.

Idea is that we will are launching two new features within PakGamers as a platform. Both features will specially empower video content creators.

1) Streaming = Where we can fetch the stream directly to PakGamers and provide one place with all your favorite streamers on any platform. So you dont have to manually search or find new content. Also you are able to discuss in the thread of that stream with PG users, or on shoutbox


2) Media Hub = We can feature, curate and host twitch/youtube videos, artists, etc. with categories, and keywords, directly from PG.


For both the main idea is that you can discuss their work in a moderated healthy environment, with your PG account/post/like, trophies, etc. without the comment section becoming a cesspool of Facebook, Youtube or Twitch chat hate. The moderators, users, creators can all trust the moderation to be on point and allow for actual healthy discussion and viewpoint, where mutual respect and respect is considered.
And to provide easy of accessibility, curated and high quality content from Pakistan at your fingertips


Also to provide creators a place to empower and facilitate them in getting an quality audience and similarly for PG community to connect and discuss with creators aswell.

We will initially limit these features to mods (so please contact them), global mods and xtreme users, but then should be able to roll out to all quite soon.

Your help in identification of these people in Paksitan is highly appreciated !

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I help and enable our people. Be it PG community, our mods, GM, content creators, Game devs and whoever might want it.
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Apr 5, 2009
Hello Everyone i am one of the oldest member of This Community PG. I am running a small Tech channel and just started cod streaming i have 14 Warzone wins and 1.20 KD. Coming from 0.60kd :D if you guys support me would be highly appreciated.

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