What Tech Items You Bought This Week?


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The aim of this thread is simple. You post about any tech-related items you bought this week.

The post can include your reviews and pics of the product.

The product can be any software or hardware that you bought from an online or offline store.
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Today I bought the PS5 game Final Fantasy Intergrade for Rs. 9k from Daraz.pk.

This is my first game of the latest generation console.
In fact, this is my first original game I have ever bought for any console.


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Before I disclose what I bought this week, let me share with you guys a short story based on true events.

About 25 years ago in a sleepy town of Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia, the parents of a 15-year-old boy bought him his first PlayStation console. It was one of the most memorable days of his life.

The teenager played many classic games on the console that brought great joy to him. He felt transported to a virtual world filled with excitement, adventure, and drama.
Being accustomed to playing pixelated games in Atari 2500, FamiCom, and Sega, the PlayStation offered a wonderful new gaming experience to him in 3D.

Now let's fast-forward the story by about 5 years, and now in Karachi, Pakistan, the parents of the teenager who was now a young adult bought him a PlayStation 2 console, which upgraded his gaming experience, providing hours of pure entertainment for the next four years.

But tragedy struck - at least for the boy it felt tragic - as he nor his parents could afford the next iteration of PlayStation, released in 2006.

He watched with wishful thinking as fellow gamers posted pics on forums such as PakGamers of playing games on their latest PS3 console on big HDTV screens.

Alas! He could not afford the high-priced console nor the original games.

He forgot all about the virtual world of consoles, and his life flew by as he gained achievements in the real life - a bachelor then a master’s degree, a job, new car, marriage, second sedan car, kids, and more for which he greatly thanked Allah Almighty.

Again let's fast-forward to 2021, the boy who has now grown up into an adult at last fulfilled his youthful dream of owning a PlayStation 3 - 15 years after its release.

And now today thanks again to Almighty Allah he bought his very first "original" PlayStation 5.

And you might have guessed by now who that boy was?

Yep, it was me :).

Here are some pics of my latest purchase...enjoy!


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I bought Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Remastered game for PS5
from Games4u at just Rs. 6300.

The game looks phenomenal on the latest gen console. I am playing in Fidelity mode that outputs native 4K at 30fps. The 4K resolution looks a world apart from the 1440p.

I don't really care about FPS, but players can also play in Performance 1440p at 60fps and Performance+ 1080p at 120Fps.


PS. I had received a sealed original disk.
I was surprised at first to see the cover language in Polish.
But the seller assured me that the game audio will be in English, and indeed it was.
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This week I bought a 2TB Western Digital (WD) portable USB hard disk for games and media backup. I bought it from Computer Zone (CZone) store in Karachi for Rs. 17,800 in 2023.

I was surprised at the price since I bought a 1TB WD portable USB hard disk for Rs. 14,000 in 2011.
This means electronic items prices have decreased in the past 10 years.

Western Digital may be an American company. But in Pakistan all electronic items are in fact fake yet acceptable quality Chinese products.
My 1TB WD Passport portable USB hard disk made in China that I bought a decade ago is still working today.

And so, Imran Khan and Asad Umar were right. Trade with China is certainly benefitting the masses as prices have gown down of electronic items :p
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