We Are Hiring - Looking for a full-stack WordPress / PHP developer


Feb 5, 2008
Karachi, Pakistan

We are hiring for a full-stack WordPress / PHP developer.

Be Part of Team PG.

The ideal candidate has a thorough understanding of WordPress development standards and best practices.
Strong front-end skills and experience creating and working with custom themes.

Essential skills
• Must have knowledge of custom plugin development/editing/theme editing
• Must be aware of filters, actions and hooks of WordPress
• Should know genesis framework, Fluent in PHP / Bootstrap /SASS / JavaScript, jQuery
• Knowledge of responsive design and able to fix cross browser issues
• WordPress site management through MySQL/ SQL Data migrations
• Integration with APIs and OAuth
• Experience of at least one widely used MVC framework (Laravel or CodeIgnitor)
• Experience managing servers and debugging live issues• Strong knowledge of Linux, shell scripts and Docker containers
• Should have experience deploying and managing Discourse forum
• Good written and verbal communication skills : Send resume email at
[email protected] with subject title "Full Stack Wordpress/PHP developer"

Use PakGamers as a reference in the email

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Sep 29, 2018
It'll be difficult to find such a specialized person. Subcontracting you might me more successful.
in Freelancer you might be lucky.

The person you are looking for has to have some 10 to 15 years of experience. Hard to come by.
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