User Questions to be featured in Podcast # 2

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Oct 6, 2008
My question for Shyber:

After now NATAL has been announced and NATAL has really cool features , Can Wii still fight back ? And can Sony compete good with their Magic Wand + Eye Pet toy technology ? What more can we see in motion-free gaming ?

My question for Chandoo:
Can PSP get a new competitor by Microsoft by the end of this year.?

Sir Ahsan:
Will you advise a 15-year old to buy a gaming PC however he hasn't been familiar to PC gaming and doesn't know-how what to do with handling and other thingies...

Journeys End

No Compromises!
Jun 16, 2008
Donno i m lost!!
Seriously man..why do u hate halo3??is it because in that game u can aim or jump while running or is it because it has no nigga zombie?:blah2:
also why do u call ur self chandoo?why does ur name reminds me of a certain lullaby?

hw much u like Halo3?(i need measurement)where do u get ur insane sniping skills?is it because snipe down is ur role model?is he ur role model?
also do u think u can go 2 against one if u couldn't use sniper rifle and BR?d0 u think i can haz r3c0n!!!:D

3)Sir Ahsan:
do u really think 30fps r not playable?if yes then why?why do u hate consoles?did queen of England gave u "Sir" name?hve u changed ur old charade?

if u were givn a choice to pick just one out of PS3,Xbox360 and PC...which one would u pick and why?also note that PC is mid range and ur answer should be practical not Fan based..:)

thats all what i ask...


May 1, 2009
In the line of fire
1) To "Chandoo"
How did you lose your mental stability? Did you fall from a tree or had an accident as a kid? When was the last day you didn't visit or post at PG?

2) To "Shyber"
Do you feel that Sony is at the verge of a disaster? How long do you think it will take for M$ to do with Sony what Sony did with Dreamcast and Sega in late 90s.
Dec 9, 2007
My turn. :p

1) To "Shyber"
Can we expect a blue Chandoo anytime soon? :p

2) To "Chandoo"
Will you turn again to Playstation side if your 360 gets RROD(I hope it won't)? :p
And yeah I support your views regarding Halo 3 and RE5. :wink2:


Gaming is beautiful isn't it?
Jul 11, 2009
Please tell us gamers who are still looking to get a new xbox 360 if we should wait out till the end of the year to buy one as i heard that there will be a 512MB jasper available and plus the current market shortage of jasper has caused the prices to be high and hopefully in 3 months that will be taken care of.
I am a playstation guy and would love to get the ps3 but 4000/game is insane i am looking at the slim prospect and my mouth is drooling i am so undecided on the console to get as xbox is popular but i fear of the rrod!!!


PG Pioneering Member
PG Pioneering Member
Oct 11, 2007
The Land Down Under
Ok, time was short and we didn't answer a lot of queries. We're gonna answer the remaining ones for the next one.

I'm gonna open this thread up once we're gearing up for the next recording.
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