[Important] UNBOXING ZONE GUIDELINES ~ Now Show Off ... Appropriately!! - (READ BEFORE YOU POST)

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$heeda Pastol ™
Dec 3, 2008
This is the place to Show Off all your stuff you buy in New/Used. But I feel the need of introducing some rules/guidelines because most people are needed to be educated.

Following are the Rules and some Guidelines which people Should utilize while making a thread

  1. THE FIRST AND FOREMOST RULE ... Do not, and i repeat DO NOT criticize others purchases. Constructive Criticism is welcome, provided you keep a soft Tone so that Thread Owner doesn't feel offended).
    "User X" buys something and posts in Unboxing Zone. I being "User A" can do it two ways.

    Spoiler: show
    Hey Congratulations on your purchase.

    Btw, tell me something. Dont you think "XYZ" has "XX" and "YY" features and its 40% cheaper than what you have bought. Just curious ...

    Spoiler: show
    Hey! Are you stupid or something? Why did you even think of buying this when you can get "XYZ" in XX price and is miles better than this.

    As long as you are Sticking to Option 1 ... You are fine. If not, then Severe Action will be taken and in extreme cases, outright BAN for ONE MONTH. --- YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
  2. REPORT OFFENSIVE POSTS -- I encourage everyone NOT to start a fight in the thread. Instead, PLEASE let a Section Moderator know by either sending him a Visitor Message or simply using "Report Post" feature. (Its a Triangle on the Bottom Left where a Post Ends - Directly below your Avatar area)
  3. PICTURES -- Pictures are a MUST (obviously). But i will appreciate if you keep the Pictures Lightweight, by keeing the SIZE down and they WEIGHT (in KBs) Less.

    • A medium sized picture of 1024x768 size look MUCH more beautiful than a Oversize Gigantic Wallpaper. And this should NOT be in MBs (like some people upload even 2MB Pictures)
    • Post Pictures Under Spoiler Tag, so that the Opening Post look Neat & Clean.
    • Use "Image Resizer for Windows". Download from HERE ... Image Resizer for Windows
  4. CHOOSE PROPER THREAD TITLE -- By Proper i mean which CLEARLY indicated whats inside.
    Good Example: [UNBOXING] Core i5 Sandybridge w/ MSI GTX560Ti - Mediocre Gaming Rig
    Bad Example 1: Unboxing Sexiness
    Bad Example 2: Check out my new Rig
    Bad Example 3: My First Gaming Casing


Thats it for now. You can expect this to be updated so bear with us for that.

Also, this is for your OWN GOOD, to make you look more Sensible (instead of Childish) while posting.
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