Unable to find any Black ops 3 matches. (PS4)


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Jun 23, 2017
Pakistan, Lahore
I fired up my PS4 after a pretty long time as I never really had any time to play since I moved here. After updating the console and Black ops 3, I decided to play some multiplayer but was unable to connect to anyone literally. I would sit in an empty public lobby where hardly one or 2 people would join after 5-15 minutes of waiting but was unable to play a single match. Even team death match which is the most populated game mode.

I never had any issues back in Saudi Arabia finding a lobby, even less populated playlists were easy to find a match in and I used to play Ground War too without any connection issues. Even older CoDs such as the original Black ops on PS3 which is my favorite and that game is 8+ years old but I never had any issues finding a full lobby with 4 bar connection in that game too. I understand that there are EU servers which provide a good enough connection (50-75 ms ping) for Middle East players to play on but p2p system can be used if no servers are available.

I have PTCL VDSL 25/13 connection with fastpath enabled which is pretty decent but I am unable to find any matches even after deleting Black ops 3 DLC. Is Bo3 dead here already? What is going on?
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