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Dec 24, 2008
General Posting Rules and Guidelines:

- Only post "proper citation" of news articles, means that you ONLY post an EXCERPT of the article and link to it in the footer.

- Please do not copy and paste full news stories unless the source allows you to do so.

- Please use the "Advanced Search" function in the top right to make sure that your news isn't already posted.

- Major product launches have their own Sticky Threads at the Top. It is advised to Post all Related News in the mentioned Sticky Threads

- Give link to the source with the name of source. Like:
- In an effort to provide more descriptive titles, please use Prefixes in your News threads. They should follow this format:

[TPU] AMD Buys Intel

Some common News Sources and their "Prefixes"
You are requested to use them to add a "Professional Touch" to this Section

[TPU] Techpowerup
[G3D] Guru3D
[AT] AnandTech
[HH] HardwareHeaven
[XSR] XSReviews
[HS] HardwareSecrets
[VTZ] Vortez
[TT] TweakTown
[MT] Maximum-Tech
[OCC]Overclockers Club
[TR] TechReaction
- Here is the complete format that should be followed:


One or two paras copy/pasted from the article + pics​
SOURCE (with proper name)​

Your opinion (not necessary).
Please note that news posted against the rules will be deleted without any prior notification. Multiple infractions may end up in permanent ban.


1. Leave your posts BLANK; your post should contain a message.
2. Insult your fellow members; try to keep your argument constructive.

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