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Nov 20, 2008
Salaam, everyone!

Let me start off with thanking all of Team PG to place their trust in my abilities by giving me an overwhelming response in the admin voting thread. I'll be honest, when the idea was first propped up to me (a little over a year ago, by Jshak, back then), I was quite unsure, as was I when it was brought up again, very recently. However, Team PG gave me the motivation to step up and try to deliver in this tough period in PGs history.

So, thank you, to you all, for trusting me. I will be trying my very best to deliver, and also, be very accessible an admin. I am always reachable via PM. Remember, I am a user first, and then an administrator. [Funny stories, actually. Back when I joined PG, within my first few months, NaNoW gave me an infraction. Today, I am here, writing this, as a co-admin alongside him :). Let this be the motivation for you all! If I can, so can you!]
I want anyone who has any issue at all, to feel free to PM me, and I'll try my very best to accommodate everyone.

Right, now, for the more interesting things.

The last few months have been very taxing on PG. Due to some technical difficulties, unfortunately, things have become not only haphazard, but also a bit messy, particularly in terms of Marketplace threads. There will be some new, revised Marketplace Rules coming out, hopefully April 1 (April Fools, anyone? :p). Also, we will be making a thread with the list of moderators/global mods and whom to contact in case of certain kinds of issues. With that, I will be personally handling all marketplace related complaints. TS issues, bad deals, fights, come DIRECTLY to me via PM. Please DO NOT make threads in the forums 'I got scammed by xyz'. They will be deleted WITHOUT any warning (GMs, take note!)

Speaking of GMs, with myself moving up to the Admin position, we have a free slot for the role of GM.

As always, it was filled in by taking the opinions of all of Team PG in consideration. Although we had decided that we would be inducting two new GMs, the quality of the members in contention was so high that we have no option but to promote all three.

Please join me in congratulating [MENTION=42544]murtaza12[/MENTION], [MENTION=93260]GloriousChicken[/MENTION] and [MENTION=8386]JANARIOO[/MENTION] to the Elite class of moderators. Well deserved, you all. Been a long time coming!

I hope you three can be the catalysts we needed to reach our old glory days!

Also note that with the Admin and the GM positions already getting the revamp, we will be refreshening things in the Moderators and Supervisors positions too. For that, I have already set up a thread with an application form, which can be found here: PakGamers Supervisor Application
We are also looking for a person to manage our Social Media accounts, the application for which is also through the same link, above.

So, that's all from me for now.
There will be loads of updates (and giveaways B)) in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!

Lets Make PG Great Again!

Signing off,

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