PC Simply Perfect!!! ROG STRIX XG27UQR 4K 144Hz Monitor | Unboxing | Performance


Sep 16, 2014
Hey PG Family,

For Almost 6 years i had using a ROG Swift PG27AQ 4K 60Hz monitor, because of having 60Hz refresh rate, it was getting obsolete as 144hz has almost become mainstream now.

So i bought the new ROG STRIX XG27UQR which is a 144hz 4K monitor with many newer features which my older one didn't have.
My intial thoughts are the upgrade was completely worth it not only because of 144Hz but the picture / image is way better than my older 4K monitor, it's like seeing all the games I've played for countless hours with a new set of eyes. The only downside is it has a low key base HDR400, but it's fine as i already knew that from the many reviews i watched and read, before buying it.

I would definitely recommend you all to buy it, i bought it from EASETEC the official supplier of Asus in Pakistan.

Unboxing & Performance Video

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