ryzen 5 2600 tomahawak b450 rgb rams 1tb hdd ssd 600w 750w psu case mouse keyboard

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azib ahmed
Nov 19, 2010
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ryzen 5 2600 with stock cooler sold
msi tomahawk b450 with box complete 21k

supergeil aura sync rgb ram 3000mhz with box 15.5k
xpg spectrix d60g rgb ram 3000mhz under warranty with box 16k bought for 19k

thunder tgs 750w 80plus bronze psu under warranty 7k bought for 9k
redragon 600w 80plus bronze psu with box sold

1tb hdd 100% slightly used 5k
seagate 1tb hdd 100% 2 year under warranty 6k bought for 8k

adata 128gb sold
intel 160gb ssd 4.5k
micron 256gb sold

logitech g403 mouse with box and weight 7k
thunder tgb99 gaming mouse and keyboard 4k

gigabyte gtx 1650 super dual fan with box 68 max temp sold

thunder thor a333 rgb case 5 fans aura supported with box 15.5k bought for 20k

gigabyte c200g case front cracked sold

thermaltake level 20mt argb with air box 72 kit synced with case controller remote not working 16k

fsp cmt 510 4rgb fans and 3 side glass with box sold

have purchasing receipt of all items can show upon dealing

i have bought all these items higher then ive quoted so dont tell me its high
some items purchased on 3 march 2020
have reps can ship it on buyers location

loc isb


0313 5657566

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