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Aug 27, 2007
A Family Trip
Drove all the way from Karachi to Khunjrab. Alhamdullillah by the grace of Allah SWT my dream came true.
I had done this trip solo a couple of times, but driving on your own was my first time. It took us around 3 - 4 days reaching to the Chinese Border. It was a 14 days tour. Roads were pretty disturb on way from Naran to Chillas and coming from Chillas to Besham ( as had to go to Madyn)
My itenary started with my dear friend and a family member as well, Khurram Saeed Khan. We had agreed to head to towards the said itinerary. As we had a similar goal. Our planning took around 1 month to decide where to go and how to do the things. Boarding and lodging when it comes with family, we had to decide the best for their comfort. With some good help we had managed some good places to stay.
Drive was around 9 hours with stop overs almost daily covering around 800 kms at an average.
Drive to Khunjrab pass : 2,500 KMS approx one side from Karachi.
The places we covered from our itenary were
Fuel : 585 Litres
Boarding and Lodging : 67,000
Mileage Covered : 5,155 KMS
Vehicle : Honda City 2019
Places we visited
1) Bhawalpur
2) Islamabad
3) Abbottabad , mansehra.
4) Naran
5) Babusar top
10)Attabad lake
11) Passu cones
13)Khunjrab pass
14) Baltit fort
15) Altit fort
16) Sacred rocks of silk route
17) Ganish village
18)Rakaposhi view point
19) juglot (where 3 mighty mountain ranges meets)
20) Besham
21) Shangla top
22) madiyan trout fish farm
23) Saidu Sharif
24) Swat museum
25) Butkara 1, mingora
26) Butkara 3, mingora
7) Saidu stupa
28) Odegram - swat
29) Barikot - swat
30) Takht I bahi Monastery
31) Taxila museum
32) Sirkap, Taxila
33) Sohawa
34) Tomb of Sultan Shahabuddin Ghouri
35) Jalalpur
36) Lahore
37) Janam asthan, Guru nanak, Nankana sahib.
38) Multan
39) Head punjnat, Alipur
40) uch Sharif - Jalalbad
41) Zahir peer
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Jan 3, 2010
Wow, so many places. This could be a dream tour for me. Did you stayed in major places like Gilgit/Hunza and explored for at least 24 hours? I found at least 10 POI where I could stay for more than 1 day + to explorer area. I might add Kashmir/Naran Kaghan to tour (Aiming for 20 days including traveling time)

We will be 4 people + A driver (no I am not driving on my own, I want to enjoy traveling) in Corolla/Civic? Is it a good comfortable car? What's the best time for a visit? I guess somewhere between September & October before Snowfall. Couldn't be December January, because most of the roads might be closed.
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