Risk of posting IMEI number online


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Oct 27, 2011
First of all, there has been an explanation posted for those who are wondering why the threads related to MiFi Unlocking were deleted.

Now, on to the purpose of this thread.
In the 30 or so threads that were deleted, there were a ton of IMEI numbers available to everyone since the thread was visible to non-members as well.
Posting your IMEI number on a public forum involves a number of risks.
Not only is it dangerous to post the IMEI number of your mobile phone, but your MiFi, Tablets and any other cellular devices.

  • Your device can be cloned. Someone else may be using the same IMEI number in their device and you won't even know it. However, if PTA comes across two devices with the same IMEI, they may take action. If your IMEI is being used for fraudulent activities, PTA can catch you as well as the other user of the same IMEI.
  • Some may think it's a harmless prank and it will be funny, or if someone has something against you, they can report your IMEI to the police or to PTA and they will put it on the blacklist. So your cellular device will not be able to connect to any network and the SIM slot pretty much becomes useless. Especially if it is a MiFi.
  • IMEI numbers are device specific, each set of numbers in an IMEI signifies something. The device manufacturer, manufacturing date, and manufacturing country. If you buy a device from the local market and you have no idea of its history, the IMEI may have been changed to that of a different device. If you are caught using someone else's IMEI, you will be held accountable.
There are other minor risks involved, but they don't apply to Pakistan.
Please keep in mind these risks before posting your IMEI online. It can be used against you, so be careful.

ALWAYS Verify the IMEI of any device you purchase (whether used or new) - HERE OR HERE) If you have an Apple iPhone then HERE.
To check if your IMEI has been blacklisted in PTAs stolen IMEI database, check HERE

Stay safe, be cautious when you post online, don't give out your IMEI to anyone.
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