Report saira khan


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Aug 4, 2017
This admin keeps abusing power whenever he/she gets killed
Dont know shit about Counterstrike game play
if a terroris kills him/her.. just slay them

alot of other admins do that too
they dont see whether terrorists are giving cover to their team mates or they are the only survivor and are trying to survive by camping for 5 sec, they just slay cz wow the terrorists are standing in one place.. slay them cz the rule says no camping.. WOW

Especially this Sara thingy is way beyond the limits .. just remove him/her from adminship, she/he is a failure to comunity and will ruin it instead of helping it


P.S I dont know if this is the right place to report, Im new on this forum and cant understand how this forum works.. IF I reported in the wrong section or area... plz do let me know.. ill correct it

Yasir Nadeem

Jun 27, 2011
There is no Saira Khan here nor we have a CS server of our own i think you were probably looking for PGL Forums and ended up posting it in the wrong forums.
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