Redragon Zeus H510 Unboxing & Review | Best BUDGET Multi-platform GAMING HEADSET


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Mar 6, 2011
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Keep it Real and Original – Enjoy the real clear and lossless sound quality with 7.1 Surround-Sound technology, it will make you be there on the scene wherever game field, live concert and chatting room. The 53mm drive unit offers a wider frequency range, richer sound fields, higher definition, and extreme fidelity sound.
Invisible Comfortable Wearing – Its free-adjustable headband with a lightweight durable made steel frame will free your head with extra burdens. The finest leatherette with premium memory foam filler in enables your ear to breathe and keep them dry and cool. No any worry after hours of wear and make you a perfect listener.
Talk it Like You Hear it – You can not only hear lossless sound but to talk it out. The detachable noise-cancellation microphone will surely offer you the most wonderful communication between teammates or friends, no more electric current sound, distorted sound and boomed mic cases.
All in Control - The Redragon H510 boasts independent line control with sound volume +/-, on/off and mic on/off. All settings can be adjusted by one hand to meet different needs in any situation.
Style on All Platform - With detachable 3.5mm braided cable built-in USB control box and 3.5mm jack input, your style can be showed on any platform you use, PC, PS4/3, Xbox One, Switch & Mobile Devices are both available.

I have been using Redragon H510 Zeus gaming headset for last 1 year with my PC and now with my PS4 and some times Smart phone! Its an excellent value for moneybest cheap gaming headset ps4 with premium looks and solid build quality makes it best budget gaming headset that works on multiplatform like PC,PS4,XBOX one,Nintendo switch & smart phones.

Have a look at unboxing and Review:

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