Recommend Any graphic card repairer in lahore


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Feb 17, 2014
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Recommend Any graphic card repairer in lahore
No display and you want to get GPU repaired, I assume this means that your system is posting; no motherboard beeps or error codes on the motherboard itself etc.

Change all the other variables to determine if it's really the GPU that requires repair. Put the GPU in a different good system and check. Try a different PSU, HDMI cable, DisplayPort cable, monitor/TV etc.

Check the PCB of the GPU to check for any burn signs on any components. If there are then you might need a donor board for replacement parts. All this DIY hassle because there are no repair shops at such level, and the ones that agree to repair will try to learn on your stuff and make it even worse. Google/YouTube yourself and DIY.


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Sep 5, 2007
R9 290
Recommend Any graphic card repairer in lahore
Check your GPU in another PC to have a better idea about what is wrong with it. Make sure that it is tested on a good PSU to function properly. Get it checked in Hafeez Center otherwise. There are some shops in Hafeez Center which deal in PC components. in basement for example.

And what about the remainder of your PC? All components working fine?

If your GPU malfunctioned for sure then check with following vendors:

They claim to have the tools for repairing GPU and such.
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