[Important] R/SPWN Ramzan 2019 Invitational - PUBG Mobile Winner Announcement


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Jul 30, 2013
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Before we announce!
.........PakGamer's first and most anticipated e-Sports tournament hosted by R/SPWN featuring Ducky Bhai has finally come to an end.
Er, well, NOT THE END, of course. Only the first segment of the tournament! PUBG Mobile~!

As nerve-wrecking as it was for us, which it was.
We were able to pull through.

R/SPWN was able to garnish more than 300 players, which was alot more than we expected and resulted in us lowering the headcount for the tournament.
This was positive development and we wish to keep up this very momemtum and move forward into the future.

With the headcount came many challenges, and one of them was management.
Despite all the hectic and chaotic phases of the tournament, we wish to learn and improvise on our future plans.
This has given us a perfect learning opportunity regarding the e-Sports enviroment in Pakistan and player/management behavior.

This here could not have been possible without the support of PakGamers community and their friends.
Hoping to see the same support until we reach to a level that is unfathomable by mere mortals!

R/SPWN wishes to see you in its future tournaments which are going to be planned very frequently.

...........R/SPWN was able to spawn it's first, and I mean it when I say Champion.
These people totally WRECKED the show.
Scoring a roof-breaking number, 39. Yes. 39!
If you ever meet these people and they say that they can take on an entire nation.
Then trust you me, they aren't lying.


Team Players (IGN)

Ofcourse, despite a single squad becoming calamity for their foes in the entire tournament.
There were other stars of the show that took the attention of many.

2. Team SexyGuys
They're sexy and they know it. Taking out people with their topless man-squad like the man-sl*ts they are!
Even their foes couldn't resist their precious soft skin under the bright sunlight.

3. Team Baymax
Owned everyone in the first round, however, luck was not on their side in the remaining ones.
However, this squad had shown its blood thirsty efficiency in the first round and kept up the charts on number 2 the entire tournament.

4. Team Rude
Ever had your parent's stop that foul mouth of yours as if the armagaddon was upon us?
Well, they were right to do so! Because Team Rude proved that words and stares can be a devastating weapon to be used against your foes!

5. Team Magicians

Who said you can't use magic on an online game full of rusty guns and bullets.
These people showed everyone how to defy the laws of programming and putting a bullet into the heads of those in denial without pulling a trigger!

This tournament surely brought many of the stars out in the open in our eyes.
Whom we hope that they can forgive our mistakes and look forward to our future tournaments and steal the show again.

We thank everyone who participated in the Ramzan 2019 Invitational PUBG Mobile Tournament.
Thank you.

Of course, these are not the only players.
There is everyone, including you!
Who can be a part of this e-Sports movement and take it to the next level!

I hope you are as excited for the next tournament as we are!

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Jan 25, 2010
Congratulation to Winners.

Not a big fan of PUBG, but the way PakGamers organized featuring Ducky bhai is exemplary. Really hoping to see something similar in the near future.


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May 26, 2019

Damn. To good to be real. XD Had a great experiance playing on Pak Gamers forum. One hardly comes across any esport tournament in Pakistan with a decent prize money. Big Boost. All credit goes to the organizers. Yeah there were a few mishaps that needs tuning for the future tournaments but at the end of the day i would say , "JOB WELL DONE".
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