Quick question about laptop RAM !


Apr 24, 2009
London, UK
I just bought a laptop a few days ago, HP probook 4430s, i5 2410-M Second Gen 2.30Ghz, 2GB ram, 500GB HDD

Now i noticed one thing when i ran CPU-Z, the ram frequency is only 665.3 Mhz (se attached file)

Shudnt DDR3 rams come in 1033 MHZ ??

i read on the internet it has something to do with stepping and if i am correct this ram will run at 1033 Mhz only if a second module is also installed ?? can someone verify this for me

Also what are my upgrade options as i am thinking of upgrading to at least 4gb ASAP

sell this RAM and buy one single 4GB module (in order to upgrade to 4GB) ?

keep this ram and install another 2 GB module with the same frequency (in order to upgrade to 4gb) ?

keep this ram and install a 4gb module (in order to upgrade to 6gb --rare but might just go for it if there isn't much price difference) ?

ive heard a pc gives maximum performance when ram sizes are same in both modules ? is this also true ?? if this being the case then 6gb wont be a good option will it ??


Me Gusta
Jan 15, 2010
Its ok (sm1) , Actual ram speed is always 2x Dram frequency (i.e. in ur case 665x2= 1033 ) :D

Get another 2gb ram, actually 4gb ram is enough for gaming and everyday tasks. more ram is recomended for professionals that do vdeo conversions or editing etc

And also it will run in dual channel mode, that means little more performance ;)


Mobile King !
Sep 26, 2007
Its 1333 mhz ram thats 665x2 = 1330 . just get another 1333mhz 2gb stick and ur good to go.
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