PubG PUBG Mobile Update 1.1 Royale Metro Mode is not for Emulator

Naqash Ali Jan

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Nov 21, 2020
Assalam U Alaikum!

How are you my PUBG Mobile Emulator fellow players. As you know that PUBG Mobile and Metro Exodus collaborates. They launched the Metro Exodus Mode and I was very excited for this mode, I made video for this coming update on YouTube. in which player start the game from one end and go to the other end alive. During this game play, if player safely carry the loot from the game then he can redeem in black market for buying items and upgrade them.

But when I update and download Metro Royale. I disappointed by PUBG Developers. When I update and click on unground Metro and get notification “this is in still beta version and you are not invited”. I try different things to enter in Metro Mode but after spending three hours I failed to find the solution. I thought that they resale this today so I should check after few days.

So, after few days I searched again and found the following comment on Facebook Page of GAMELOOP and found that PUBG Mobile team only allow to play this option on mobile devices not on emulator players. I was shocked when I found a reply from Game loop on a comment in which they said that this mode is only for mobile users. Like PUBG Mobile not willing to give it for emulator. Please contact PUBG mobile for ETA of it to be in emulator. As you know that Game Loop is the official emulator to play PUBG Mobile on PC. It is the sub-product of Tencent Gaming. I am currently using Tencent gaming buddy I will make another blog on Tencent Gaming Buddy.

So, the main point is that Game Loop official is saying that player contact to PUBG team to enable this mode on emulator. This is the responsibility of Game Loop to talk on the behalf of all emulator players. Guys, do you thing that this is injustice with Emulator Players?

Further, the thing I want to discuss that they reduce size of APK (400MB). It is very good option for player who could not afford the heavy data but when you open the application then there would be 11 further updated around (600MB). If you want to enjoy the full game and it’s all options then you have to download maps, audio, HD Lobby, Metro Royale and resources packs of 4291 MB, as follow

  • Classic Recourse Pack – 1079 MB
  • Excitement Pack – 776 MB
  • Vintage Recourse Pack – 826 MB
  • HD Lobby Recourse Pack – 166.6 MB
  • HD Icon – 54.0 MB
  • Voice Pack – 25.0 MB
  • Cheer Park – 454.9 MB
  • Metro Royal – 148 MB
  • Liviki – 139 MB
  • Erangle Metro – 9.8 MB
  • Miramar – 293 MB
  • Sanhok – 170 MB
  • Vikindi – 129 MB
  • Payload Mode – 11.5 MB
  • Arena – Wearhouse – 33.2 MB
  • Arena – The Ruins – 33.8
  • Arena – Library – 17.6 MB
  • Arena – Domination Town – 21.1 MB
Totally this game could consume 5 GB Data if you want to play in full options. If you don’t download these options then it will not affect your game play but your fancy outfits, parachutes, skins and high-quality audio would not be played. In the end of this I want to say that this game is really not in small size as you expected.

You guys tell me that, first of all, is it not injustice with emulator players to cannot play Metro Royale on Emulator. Second thing, what you think about the size of APK and its data resources. Tell me about your thoughts and views into comment or you can message me on my Facebook ID @naqash41.
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