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Feb 21, 2011
From what little testing that I did on PTCL and transworld. You'll see a pattern that traceroutes are fine and ping to the server IP is fine but few seconds into the game, you'll start dropping packets in-game (ping/traceroutes still normal).

My first assumption was there might be some issue with the common upstream of transworld or PTCL but that is not the case. Then I moved onto the possibility of MITM happening within PK since this has happened before, I mean just go through this old thread.

For whatever reason, our game specific traffic is getting tagged and dropped causing the packet loss. Likewise, do an international skype or whatsapp call, it'll be pretty poor with the recipient getting very poor audio from our end, this too starts happening few seconds into the call. The odd thing here is that the occurrence of this happening increases a lot during the usual peak times of ~8pm-12am and is only sporadic on some games but is happening overall with everyone.
did the same on stormfiber with 2 different ip's, one that is registered whitelisted ip (PTA WMS) got straight 40%packet loss and other on Cgn ip, no packet loss reported on it but when i start game on cgnat connection it started dropping packets


Dec 23, 2007
Wow Cantt

Stop ranting and download Cloudflare Warp which acts like a VPN, and unblocks everything.

That paticular link is for desktop and it's free.

Max pings 100ms from Pakistan.
My internet experience has been perfectly fine but I'm still curious about this.

What exactly is it? I already have a paid VPN.
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