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Sep 15, 2008
Wow Chhowni
It is mandatory for everyone posting in the Sports Talk section to follow the rules. Violation can result in a ban. The rules are as follows:

  1. Treat everyone with courtesy and respect. Whether a community member has one post or 5,000 posts, everyone should be treated respectfully.
  2. Inflammatory material is not allowed! If a poster comes here with the intent only to flame, and engages in no substantive discussion, his posts will be deleted and the poster will be banned.
  3. Personal attacks, name-calling, abuse, bullying and flaming or hostile behavior will not be tolerated. Constructive criticism is welcome but generalized, vicious or veiled attacks on a person or idea will not be tolerated.
  4. Be considerate. Do not bash someone's team/club just for the sake of it.
  5. Healthy debates are encouraged but abstain from spamming or trolling. Spamming will result in a straight up ban!
  6. Avoid spreading unsubstantiated rumours. Make sure to provide a source for your information.
  7. Abstain from retorting in response to an inflammatory post or personal insult. It is strongly advised to use the report button.

Be mindful of the rules at all times. Remain active, engage in meaningful discussion and contribute to the best of your abilities. And enjoy your stay here :)
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