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Dark Sith

Jan 7, 2009
awesome man. You got Transworld. Lucky guy. :) this is really awesome.
yeah been 6 months now - 1st customer , though ptcl is offering 100mb in 5k , i am not going with them due to service issues . transworld saying in august more options will be avaliable for customers , i think telephone , digital tv etc .


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Jun 23, 2017
Pakistan, Lahore
Mobily FTTH 100mb in KSA: https://imgur.com/xvHt5Ez

PTCL VDSL 25mb: https://imgur.com/FDOUAcT

PTCL goes to shit during peak hours and latency to international servers is unstable and quite high however my Mobily FTTH connection is flawless and i used to get full speeds 24/7 with stable low latency to international servers. Its still active and my father uses it as he lives in KSA.
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