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Oct 29, 2011
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Hi guys, So a while back i realized that PG was something similar to sites like Linkedin. People come here to interact and connect with others and many of them are grown ups having jobs while many of them are still in the process of finding one. So i thought why not ask the ones who have jobs to post their linkedin profiles so the people in the relevant field can connect with them and in turn start growing their network thus having a better chance of landing jobs. it'll also be helpful to students who are just about to graduate as they will already have somewhat of a network before graduating. This is the era of connections and network after all, the more people you know the more chance of being successful.

Well this is upto your personal preference if you want others to be able to connect with you in this way as i understand some people might not like to divulge their personal information and other things. That aside let's start. All you have to do is post your linkedin profile together with the name of the area of expertise or the field you are working in. This ofcourse is not limited to the ones with jobs only. Anyone can mention their profile just do mention if you are studying.. I'll make sure to format things up

Tagging some people i know to get this thing started :s @V3N0M @staticPointer @nafu @murtaza12 @NaNoW @Behrox @Shyber @Jshak @mac007 @puppet @manigamer @haroonshaikh @Arkonov @Majawar @Solid Link @Ottoman @Shary Bhallu TC @mubaidr @Spartan 11 @winchester khan

I'll encourage you to mention others. Any kind of feedback is helpful and appreciated.

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Jan 25, 2010
Ii have a profile, i can, but i hasn't update it in recent times. just dont visit much, it staying outdated from past month . it just not working for me as well.
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